QED - Direct Delivery service conditions

In order to book our Direct Delivery Service the following conditions will have to be adhered to:

  1. Shipment must be under 1000kgs maximum.
  2. Height of shipment cannot exceed 1.2mts.
  3. Total shipment cannot have a greater volume than 2.5mts3.
  4. Total length of shipment cannot exceed 2.7mts.
  5. The shipment must be booked no later than 5pm on the previous working day (Mon to Fri) to the required day of shipping.
  6. Shipment collection times available from 7am to 2pm dependant on final destination.
  7. Shipment must be able to be delivered and accepted by the receiver between 8am and 6pm on the day of delivery depending on the geographical location.
  8. All our full terms and conditions – viewable at qedsameday.com/terms-conditions/term_and_conditions.pdf also apply to our Direct Delivery Service.