When booking online please be aware of the following pointers.

When selecting the addresses for collection and delivery you can either:

  1. Select from a list of previous choices.
  2. Search from previous choices by entering the first few letters to predict existing addresses.
  3. Add a new address.

If you want to amend an existing address for any reason please mail me and I will do it at this end. It saves you adding the same company and then causing confusion on your searches.

Date and time selections

Selecting a Service

Additional Info

Use this box to flesh out descriptions of the items such as dimensions, UN numbers etc.

The contents of this box do not appear on the invoice but do appear on the consignment note. This is obviously useful if you ever have the need to check exactly what it was that you sent on any given shipment.

Booked by

Hopefully self explanatory


Use this to add any detail regarding collection or delivery such as leave with neighbour if nobody home, contact receiver 30 mins before arrival etc

The contents of this box do not appear on either the consignment note or the invoice and will disappear once the job has been processed by the delivery driver.

Purchase Order Number

This is for your PO only or a as reminder of whom to re-charge

Number of items

This is the number of items that the driver can actually see. If you want to put the number of items contained within the package(s) use the Additional info box for this.

Description of goods

This is for a brief description only such as jiffy bag, box etc.

The contents of this box appear on the consignment note and the invoice but do not allow for too many characters so it needs to be kept brief ! Again use additional info for more detailed descriptions.


Weight in Kilos only round up or down to nearest kilo.